Jack Kottelenberg

President & CEO

Jack began in the utility construction industry in 1985 after working in agriculture for a number of years. He started on a small crew working from a new location in Orangeville. This new location soon became a branch office and Jack became its manager. In 1998 he was promoted to Vice President of this company and then in 2003, together with Andy Blokker and other management members, purchased a substantial part of this company to start AVERTEX Utility Solutions Inc.

Jack has extensive knowledge in every area of service and has been a proponent of horizontal directional drilling since its introduction to the utility construction industry in the early 1990s. Jack is especially adept at creating unique solutions for unique problems, whether in the boardroom, during the design stage, or at the job site. With Jack’s leadership, AVERTEX has become an exceptional company with ingenious people and innovative solutions.